Dressing for interviews, how much is right

What is the very first thought that flashes through your mind, the minute you learn that you have an interview call? For a large number of people out there, it is the anxiety that grips them when they think about how they will present themselves and how they will dress up for the occasion.

Well, like Lorretta Young said” Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners”. This saying becomes particularly compelling when we talk about dressing up for something as imperative as a job interview. After all you only get one chance to make a first impression and you want to look thoroughly professional when appearing for a job interview.

Let us look at some basic tips which men and women should keep in mind on how to dress up for an interview:


  • An over gelled or a Mohawk look is passé, so it is best to keep the hair in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Men accessorizing their look is the new fad, however steer clear of chunky rings or bracelets. Instead you could opt for tie along with a tie pin.
  •  If wearing a suit, then the same should be well fitted and comfortable.
  •  A linen blazer or a formal jacket adds to the level of authority and makes you appear confident and assertive. Dark colors like black, dark blue and Charcoal Grey are recommended.
  •  Simple yet effective, tones of shirts such as a light blue, grey or a white are recommended.Avoid loud and flashy colors.
  • Always remember the golden rule, dress up in a manner that is professional and apt for the role that one is applying.
  • Keep the loafers or a new no socks look restricted to beach parties or lounges. When walking in for a job interview, create the right impression in a pair of well-polished Oxford or Brogue shoes.
  • Shoes should always match the belt. Restrict to a Black/Brown.
  •  Complete the look by carrying a smart laptop bag instead of a bag pack.
  •  Make sure that you smell nice however at the same time the Cologne shouldn’t be overpowering.
  • Most essentially do remember that you have a fresh breath, thus avoid smoking or having a heavy meal before your interview.



  • The key to making the right first impression is to keep it simple. Look effortlessly stylish by opting for either Indian formals or western formals.
  •  When in doubt it’s better to be conservative than be bold and aggressive in your attire.
  •  Layering your appearance with an appropriate Jacket,lends an authoritative look. Dark colors like Black, Blue & Grey will give you a sense of authority.
  •  The recommended colors for lowers are neutrals like Tan, black, blue or Grey lowers. For tops, pair them with white, lemon, blue or other muted colors.
  •  Anything too tight, short, transparent should not be worn. Similarly wearing bright colors, animal prints or low cuts& lacy tops should be avoided.
  • You can create a focal point by accessorizing. Make sure the piece of neck lace or bracelet is not too jarring or chunky. The idea is to enhance the look and not to take away all the attention from your professional credentials.
  • Make up is meant to accentuate your features and to hide any variations. It is recommended that you keep it subtle and sophisticated. An overly bright eye shadow, jarring nail paint or a strident lip shade never goes well in an interview scenario.
  • The hair is not called the crowning glory without a reason. Make sure that the hair is styled in a neat fashion.
  • Shoes should be extremely comfortable and hence avoid pencil heels and go in for low heels, both wedged and pump shoes are acceptable.
  • Last but definitely not the least is the handbag. It is suggested that you opt for a tote bag structure in neutral colors such as a black, tan or brown.

Dress well and look sharp when you walk in that interview room. Let your clothes be a reflection of your inner personality and style. It’s always better to be dressed up than to be casual for an interview, as you will be taken more seriously when you present yourself in a professional manner.

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