Myth about eye contact in an interview situation

They say Eyes are like a window to your soul. They have a knack to speak volumes about you without you having to utter a word. Eyes in that way are big part of your entire body language and eye contact plays a vital role in an interview situation. We meet people on a daily basis and still don’t realize that we can learn so much about people just by engaging in eye contact.However some of us are unable to hold eye contact.

  • Interviews can be a nerve wrecking experience and leaves a lot of people feeling anxious and restless. At the same time an interview is a wonderful opportunity to create an everlasting and positive influence. There are various myths about eye contact in an interview situation. If you force yourself for an eye contact from the minute you walk in, it leaves little room for the natural process to take place.Also, it can make the interview, especially ladies feel uneasy.  It is therefore advisable to provide a time window of a few seconds to pass by for the natural process to begin. You have to master the art of striking a balance between not making any eye contact to having just the right amount of glances.So, one needs to practice an engaging eye contact beforehand which will help in better understanding and create respect between individuals.  Having an eye contact is the very first human reaction when you meet someone. At the same time keeping an eye contact from the second you meet the person is a myth. Therefore, it should come across as a naturally manifested activity and not in a forced act.


Here are a few tips about eye contact that you should keep in mind while you appear for a job interview;


  • Focus on the inverted triangle, which is the eyes and mouth. It helps you to focus on the person and works like a reminder each time your gaze is diverted to some other aspect about the person or others around.
  • Even watching the person’s eye color is a good way to start.
  • If there is more than one interviewer present, then make sure that you make an eye contact with all of them at regular intervals.
  • Avoid hard stares as it can make the other person feel uncomfortable and conscious.
  • Keep a positive frame of mind and concentrate on building a natural rapport with the interviewer rather than just fixating on an eye contact.
  • The interviewers are seeking many other qualities and skills such as educational qualifications, confidence, body language, attitude and aptitude. So concentrate on honing all of the above skills too when you appear for an interview.

Eye contact has the power to change the entire conversation. So make sure you use this skill to accentuate and uplift your personality on the whole.