Women with a capsule wardrobe for work.

One of the facts of life is that people judge others based on their appearance. According to a survey, almost 40% job rejections are done due to inappropriate dressing and grooming. So whether you have a job that you wish to retain or are looking to make a career, dressing up right  for is half the battle won.

Remarkable Images by Shaina believes that professional women should know how to dress for success. When we talk about professional dressing tips for women it is inclusive of both dressing and grooming aspects.

Following are a few key factors for how to dress up in a working environment:

  • A solid coloured, well fitted suit is a must have in a professional woman’s wardrobe. Ideally one should have a versatile suit which comes with a pant, shirt and a skirt. Garment should fit you, not too loose or too tight is admissible.
  • A neutral coloured blouse which will match well with the solid coloured suit is mandatory.


  • Do not limit yourself to the classic colours all the time. Black is a safe choice for most occasions but at times a colourful scarf or a subtle neck piece will help you achieve a feminine and ultra-chic look.

  • A perfect cut skirt also has the ability to lend a sharp and professional look. Choose one according to your body type;
  1. Narrow figured women or the ones where the hips are less defined should opt for a low cut narrow skirt. They can also play a bit with ruffles without looking bulky.
  2. If you are triangle shape means the shoulders are your broadest area, then a skirt which falls straight and has a flare will compliment you the best.
  3. The curvaceous women find solace in pencil skirts or ‘A’ line shapes. Dressing as per your Silhouette always accentuates your figure.

  • An adaptable blazer or jacket which can work yearlongis a good investment. Make sure the material is neither too heavy nor too light, but just right.




  • A professional woman needs to have comfort along with a dash of style as well. Another important investment in a professional woman’s wardrobe is closed toed black and nude pumps. Long and stressful working hours can take a toll on your overall health, so opting for low heel shoes is an appropriate idea.

  • Accessorize your entire look with minimal amount of jewellery such as a smart bracelet or a pearl string. Anything too long or jazzy is distracting

  • When appearing for a job interview or a client meeting, minimal amount of makeup is advisable. The colours should not be too loud or jarring else it can take the focus away from your work and skills.
  • A well-groomed look includes a neat hair style along with manicured finger nails and toenails.
  • A professional hand bag or brief case will complete the look. It should ideally be like an open tote bag, because you

People judge others based on their physical appearance and over all countenance. Dressing for success portrays a positive image and if you come across as someone who is well groomed and capable, then you will have an edge over your competitors.

“You can have anything in life as long as you are dressed for it” Edith Head. So come to Remarkable Images by Shaina and learn the art of dressing, will help you in projecting the right authentic Image.