Dress as per body shape

Each one of us have a unique body type and shape. God has endowed each individual with exclusive features and proportion’s. The key to being well and sharply dressed lies in knowing your proportions and accentuating the right body features.

“Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners”, said Loretta Young. So here are a few tips on how you can know you can create the right impression by dressing as per body shape.

  • Dressing up for Triangle body type- This is shape where the bottom is heavier than the upper half of the body. The trick is to wear something that draws the focus to the shoulders and arm area. Ruffles, frills etc can keep the attention on your upper body. Avoid pants and tights that narrow your legs and lower half.


  • Dressing tips for Inverted Triangle body type– A heavy top and slim limbsbest describe an Inverted Triangle body type. The idea here is to take the attention away from your midriff area and to the other parts of the body. Choose flared pants over straight leg or skinny pants and tops that drape over any curves. Long sleeves help and avoid wearing boat necks and frills as it will take  attention towards the neck area

  • Dressing tips for straight or rectangular body type– Often referred to as the boyish profile, a straight or rectangular body type tends to lack curves. More than 46% of women belong to this category. The thin and long body type can be best accentuated by adding fur, frills and ruffles to the look. A line & Peplum skirts will add volume, crop tops are recommended too & short dresses with calf length boots. Accentuate the look and create an illusion of waist line by adding a belt with a nice buckle. Avoid Loose tops with boyfriend jeans, dresses without a defined waistline.

  • Hour glass shape – This is a shape which makes many envious of you. You are blessed with the curves, so learn to embrace them. Your waist is your thinnest part so wear high waisted skirts or dresses to accentuate it. Tailored clothes flatter this body type best. Peplum top, Pencil skirt, Scoop neck tops, Wrap dress & Wide leg trousers are recommended. Avoid high necklines, Low rise jeans, body tunics & overly embellished skirts & dresses.

Remember clothes are meant to flatter your body and the way you dress is a big part of your appearance. It  goes a long way in defining your overall personality and how people perceive you. The sooner you discover your body type you will be able to dress with confidence and face the world.