How to Save Time by Clustering

We all are living life in a fast lane and each day is a fight against time. We are so caught up in the rigmarole and distractions of the modern day life, that unless and until we don’t plan in advance, accomplishing even the pettiest of chores can feel like a mammoth task.

We cannot increase the number of hours in a day but if we plan our schedule more efficiently, it can lead to a smooth and stress free day. Here are a few simple tips which you can follow:



  • Organizing your clothes in such a way that you are able to get maximum use out of the existing wardrobe. For eg. 3 Lowers and 3     Tops along with a layer (Jacket) which can be matched with each other for creating different options.
  • Select garments which are distinctively different and not alike. Like a button-down shirt, a Top, a Jacket, Skirt & Trouser.
  • First and foremost open your wardrobe and make sections, mainly for:-
    • Garments that you wear regularly.
    • Garments you have not worn for greater than a year that can be given away.
    • Garments that need mending.
  • Now organize the garments as per color. You can group them as:
    • As per Achromatic colors ( Black, White & Grey)& Wardrobe neutrals.
    • They can also be grouped under Monochromatic color scheme (Tint, Tone & shade of a single color) and as per Accent colors (Magenta, bright yellow & more).
  • Combine Bright with Neutral colorseg. a black trouser with a bright pink shirt.
  • Follow trends however not blindly, one should ensure that their personal style is not dominated by the trends.
  • You can have more than one cluster i.e. for Professional, Social & Personal wear.
  • Keep adding garments keeping your cluster in mind, this will help avoid impulsive buying.
  • The look in the cluster can be further changed week after week with the help of Accessories. Such as use of Scarfs, which can be worn in multiple ways hence changing the look. Even wearing a Neckpiece can change the look of the garment entirely.
  • From Morning to evening wear, the change in look can be achieved by simply adding a jacket, changing footwear and Purse.

Clustering will avoid over spending and hoarding of clothes and will make you spend only for necessary stuff. Inculcating the habit of clustering, will be a win-win as it will increase your productivity and also save money.

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning” said Winston Churchill.