Human beings are social animals and what gives us the distinction above the other creatures is the power of communication. This is the act of sharing some information, a message, an idea, a feeling or simply an attitude. The act of communication has been a subject of evolution and upgradation from time to time.

Communication can be both verbal and non-verbal. Let us learn about both forms of communication in detail:

Verbal Communication

The verbal form of communication is rooted in language and is possible both at the spoken and written level. Spoken or oral communication is considered to be the most candid, clear, correct and courteous form of communication. It has the power of conveying many different shades or elements of human emotions.

There are four distinct types of Communication skills that are being Assertive, Aggressive, Passive and Passive Aggressive. This further categorize us into four different Paradigm’s that of, Win/Win, Win/Lose, Lose/Win & Lose/Lose. It thus becomes very important to know our dominant communication style.  This way, we can imbibe the right attributes and cultivate the mindset and paradigm associated with it, thereby having a positive impact on both personal and professional verticals.

When we speak of verbal communication, we cannot ignore a primary and essential component, which is the Voice of the speaker. The pitch of a person’s voice, the tone, pace in which one speaks, stress on words while speaking and volume play a vital part in defining the nature of the conversation or dialogue that one indulging in. Cause ultimately it is the ‘Tone’ which builds to 38% of our first impression on people. Words ultimately have only 7% of effect on people. It is thus, ‘How you say it than what you say’ which leaves a bigger impact.  Hence knowing the pillars of communication becomes essential in all spheres of life.

Non-Verbal Communication

The non-verbal communication is a branch of communication where you can pass information or convey your feelings without having to speak a word. This form of communication can also convey just as much as verbal or written form of communication.

Body language involves body movement and gestures as well as the behaviour of a person.  People at a work place such as an office or a school can convey a lot through an effective and positive body language. Apart from the gestures and body language a lot of non-verbal signs are conveyed through facial expressions, eye contact, personal space and so on. The way you stand, cross your hands, your handshake, slouching of your shoulders, touching of your face while speaking, all have a certain cue that you give away to people who are interacting or watching you.

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