Body language is an art of non verbal communication . Your facial expressions, body posture, eyes etc all have a way to communicate without you having to speak a word.  You may be extremely hard working and intelligent but if you don’t maintain the correct body language it can be futile.  A positive body language can help you in leading a successful life by building better business relations and creating the right impact. A research showed that the words you speak actually account for only 7% of your interaction, 38%is your voice tone and 55% is the non verbal communication aka body language. Hence One can’t not Communicate.


Remarkable Images grooms and trains young professionals in maintaining a correct body language, in order to prosper both professionally and personally.

Body movements and the gestures are a direct reflection of what you wish to communicate. There are hundreds of signs that can be communicated through body movements and gestures.

Even though facial expressions and eye contacts are not kinesics and therefore not body language technically, yet these are types of non verbal communication that can have a impact on your business relations. Facial expressions speak louder than words . Research has shown that people can identify seven human emotions even after seeing only facial and eyes expressions, such as sadness, happiness, anger, fear, surprise, contempt and interest. Remarkable Images believes that each of these facial management techniques makes it possible for a person to grow and have a positive outcomes in the work place.

A persons body movements that convey feelings and emotions  through facial expressions and body positions are called affect displays. The body movements may indicate whether a persons is open and receptive , angry or in anguish, or any other type of feelings.  For instance if you sit in a slumped or slouched position it shows disinterest or reflects your unhappiness. On the other hand those who sit upright with raised eye brows and a smile on their face, appear happy and involved.

Eye contact can be used to indicate to a person that you are receptive to what they have to say. A lack of eye contact or an unwillingness to maintain eye contact may indicate discomfort with a situation.

Another crucial aspect of body language in the work place is that of personal space. It differs in personal and professional scenarios. For example when we interact with friends or conduct an informal business meet, most people prefer a distance of one and a half to four feet. On the other hand when one conducts formal or business meets one should maintain personal space of 4 to 8 feet.  When you are engaging with someone on a professional level ,you must use open body language. Keeping your body turned towards a person while talking to them is essential and crossing your arms shows weakness and nervousness. Having knowledge about body language will not only help you to correct yourself, it will also train your eyes to observe others and to learn more about their subconscious mind. This will in turn help you in taking better decisions in both personal and professional matters.

So bear some basic body language rules in mind while you interact with your co workers, boss or external contacts and succeed at both personal and professional fronts. Cause beyond a point, it’s not your  technical knowledge however it is Soft skills that will help you scale up further in your career .