Importance of Image Management

There is an old adage “never judge a book by its cover.”  However, this maxim is not applicable for the world today. The business world is full of cut throat competition and image building has become a prerequisite for the survival and growth today. Image management is the science and art of pro active ongoing evaluation and importance of image in business is unparallel.

Your image affects others’ perception.  Consciously or subconsciously, it reflects the person you are. Your image encompasses everything, from your personality to values, interests, aptitude and persona.

Remarkable Images is based out of Delhi. With personal image management training, one can master the art of expression through physical appearance, body language and aura.  Remarkable Images helps in creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image. We offer customized image management courses, which are tailor made to your requirement. The first impression that you or your brand has on someone is very vital and has a significant effect on the future prospects. Therefore it is imperative to create the right first impression by managing your image.

Image Management is an on-going process and is given high importance by different entities whether an individual, SME or corporate. Personal image management is indispensible because your personal image should be in sync with your business or brand.  An organization’s image is reflected in its employees and this has a deep impact of how the client views the organization. This is a major reason why individuals and corporates are investing a lot of time, money and energy in the concept of Image Management.

Your communication skills and appearances together influence people’s behaviour towards you.  Others form their opinion about your intelligence, trust worthiness, authority and success. Accordingly they decide whether to hire your or not, or how much should be your salary. Studies have proved that our image can have a significant impact on the development of our relationships.

“It’s the little things that are vital, little things make big things happen,stated John Wooden.

Remarkable Images’ image management program is for anyone who wishes to improve their self-image, confidence, capability or credibility in order to succeed in professional or personal life.